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Send SMS

Used to send an SMS to a specific destination.
Methods:GET , POST
Formats:JSON , XML

Request parameters

Either as query parameters (when using GET) or in POST body document.

FromstringxThe sender ID to be used for the SMS. See Sender IDs for restrictions.
TostringxThe receiver MSISDN where the SMS should be sent to.
TextstringxThe content of the SMS. See Text and Encoding Restrictions for further information.
EncodingstringThe encoding of the SMS content (Allowed values: GSM7 , Binary , UCS2 ; default: GSM7 ). See Text and Encoding Restrictions for further information.
ReceiveDeliveryStatusbooltrue if you want to receive delivery status
information (default: false ; a callback url has to be defined in your account to receive
delivery status information).
RefIdstringAn optional reference id which will be included in corresponding delivery status
information callbacks.
UdhstringThe user data header in hex digits (e.g. 0605040C7242A3 ). Not required for long (concatenated) messages; texts are split automatically.
Flashbooltrue if you want to send the SMS as flash message; it will be displayed instantly on the display of the target device (default: false ).

Responsive parameters

Beside HTTP Status Codes each successful response will contain:

StatusCodeintThe status code for the call. See Status Codes.
MessageIdsstring[]An array containing the IDs of all messages which were generated. Willcontain > 1 IDs for long (concatenated) messages.
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