Mexedia wants to generate value for stakeholders and develop the business in a way that has a positive impact on people, the territory and the environment.

Organic growth

Driven by growth through a unique range of services, in terms of breadth and vertical depth. Maintaining a flexible and agile structure, without demanding investments in specialized niches. Expansion of the platform through partnerships that facilitate upselling and cross-selling, as well as customer loyalty. Continuous search for operational excellence and attention to maintaining maximum system security.

Growth for external lines

Identification of strategic acquisitions at an international level to strengthen and enrich the core business, with the logic of putting Mexedia ON at the center of each new integration. Maintaining a disciplined approach in evaluating acquisitions and in managing the process of joining the Group.

Financial strategy

Organic growth pathway financed through cash generation. Reinvestment in the development of Mexedia ON of the free-cash flow generated by the TLC business. From 2023, contribution of the operating fund generated by Mexedia ON in the financing of further investments.

Product strategy

Rapid integration of new partners into the proprietary platform to expand the opportunity to provide end users with a valuable customer experience. Focus on the health sector, for which Mexedia can be the one-stop-shop for complete technological solutions.

Innovation strategy

Building an ecosystem open to start-uppers and developer-partners, capable of fostering continuous innovation. Next acquisition of the Bassbox team, which already today takes care of Mexedia's innovation design.

Sales Strategy

International network of about thirty sellers and wholesale customers on which to leverage immediately. Transformation of the pure commercial proposal into a technological project consultancy, with customer support in the adoption of the new service that in the after-sales generates additional revenues through a full use of the potential of the technology provided.