Benefit Unit

Mexedia S.p.a. SB's highly technological and sustainable mission embraces the most pressing and contemporary demands for long-term, eco-sustainable and socially oriented development. To give these demands a voice, a Benefit Unit has been set up.

What is the Benefit Unit?

The Benefit Unit, Mexedia's institutional tool, aims to create shared value by pursuing social, environmental protection and inclusiveness goals through the development of green technologies geared toward protecting and safeguarding the individual. Established since July 2022, it has important projects in progress.

Think Tech – Technology, well thought out

Think Tech is our project launched for 2023. This ambitious initiative focuses on new technologies, so that together we can rethink a more responsible approach to their use. Aimed at everyone, in any setting – family, school or work – it seeks to rebuild the foundations of real technology education, from the earliest years of life. That's why many of the activities are aimed at school children, who are most exposed to the risks of the misuse of technology. While it's true that technology represents a great opportunity, if not correctly applied it can lead to dangerous situations, especially for young children.

Think Tech projects

Think Tech's projects aim to encourage young people to adopt a conscious and responsible approach to new technologies, both in and out of the classroom, with a particular focus on the threat posed by cyberbullying and the construction of their own digital identity.

Italian National Anti-Bullying Center – Bulli Stop

Cyberbullying is a growing phenomenon, against which Mexedia is fighting alongside the Italian National Anti-Bullying Center – Bulli Stop, promoting and sponsoring its initiatives. These included the Bulli Stop Xmas Show, which brought to the stage at the Auditorium della Conciliazione in Rome, under the artistic direction of Luca Tommassini, the stories of directors, journalists, actors, singers and entertainers, ready to share their fragility without fear.
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AS Roma Business Club - Scuole Aperte

By joining AS Roma Business Club's Scuole Aperte initiative, we are bringing training activities on the correct use of new technologies to schools through a learning-by-doing approach, including the use of the latest generation of devices, such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality visors. A cornerstone of our commitment is to educate young people about contemporary life, also involving families and schools in this process. All of this is aimed at the full recognition of themselves in society, today as well as tomorrow. Always, with respect for others.

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The Reality of Digital

The Reality of Digital project was created to raise awareness among high school students, teachers and parents on the conscious use of social networks, digital and new technologies. This project includes meetings in schools, a free educational app to help young people build a positive digital identity and develop healthy self-criticism regarding the content they use, and the event at the Roman Theatre in Cinecittà, where young people are encouraged to get involved together with actors, directors, creators and institutions.
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"La Realtà che non Esiste"

Again with an eye to young people, together with the Rai Cinema Channel, Mexedia is promoting the screenplay competition La Realtà che non Esiste, conceived by Onemore Pictures and Rai Cinema, which involves the creation of short films to be screened at the Venice Film Festival and launched simultaneously on RaiPlay. This is a cross-media and transmedia project that takes full advantage of digital and physical platforms to narrate social issues related to the world of young people in an innovative way, empowering them to create new worlds.
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Think Green

O-District, the coworking space that hosts us, is based on the highest standards of environmental protection and energy efficiency. This is evidenced by the guidelines followed in the recent renovation of the building, which was completed with the installation of photovoltaic panels. Inside, we've also set up five patented Less CO2 machines, which quickly compensate for the carbon dioxide produced, neutralizing 1 kg of CO2 in just 11 minutes: much faster than a tree would do. These are important steps towards carbon neutrality, which is increasingly a must to achieve.

The team

Led by Anna Lisa Trulli, Mexedia's Benefit Unit team is composed of cross-disciplinary professionals who firmly believe that social commitment, respect for the environment and investment in technology can and should go hand in hand.


Anna Lisa Trulli



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