New technologies and consolidated tools.

Our marketing and customer care services include virtual assistants, contact centres, SMS, voice calls, telephone numbers and multi-channel communication management.


Usually associated with content deemed extremely important, SMS is the most widely used form of digital communication, with an open rate of 98%. They are delivered within seconds on any type of mobile phone and guarantee the sender the certainty of a reliable report on the delivery status.

For each brand, specific and modular models.

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WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Messenger, live chat, email, chatbot, social media, IVR allow you to create a tailor-made service that reaches the customer in real time. Different channels to facilitate, streamline and customise communication and interaction with a single click.


OTP, 2FA Authentication and Number masking are the main tools ensuring an appropriate level of security in communications.
 The OTPs generated, secured, encrypted and temporarily stored and two-factor authentication help protect your business from fraud and safeguard customer data on the platform. Number masking is the best way for companies to safeguard customer identity and prevent misuse of sensitive information.

Parental control

A valuable framework in the hands of parents for monitoring or blocking access to certain content by children and possibly setting the time of use of the TV. It is also an ally in making responsible decisions and creating healthy habits. This is thanks to a suite of tools, accessible from the TV and smartphone, which, also thanks to the use of passwords, gives parents the certainty that their children can only see and interact with those elements suitable for their age.

Contact center

For both inbound and outbound call management, we provide Brands with the best contact centres. Highly qualified professionals ready to respond quickly to the requests of prospects and customers, whatever the chosen channel, voice call or chat.

Voice assistants

The voice assistants, including Skill Alexa and Google Home, represent a constant presence in everyday life, helping you to find answers to the most varied problems and plan your free time. Their self-learning mechanisms mean they also evolve with each use, collecting data and learning user habits and preferences, for increasingly timely and precise interactions.

Virtual assistants

Extremely specialised, Virtual Assistants are able to provide remote support at any time to customers and prospects on a wide range of enquiries, whether of a logistical or administrative nature. If necessary, they forward the communication to the Contact Centre.

Web page

A standard page within a recurring closed path, with summary and management functions, which simplifies the relationship between the Brand and people, such as, for example, the one responsible for user payments or appointment management.

Telephone numbers

Telephone numbers, reachable both by landline and mobile phone, in Italy and abroad, are the most suitable channel for giving a voice to each Brand. They transmit the image of a reliable and always available company, ready to listen at all times ready.

Contracts and documentation

Contracts like documentation in general increasingly need to be in digital form. A process that aims to automate and simplify the various stages, in which both chatbots active in the compilation stage and call centres for closing make the difference.

We cover the entire user journey in a specific industrial field.

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